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Michelle L. Goff - 







Adhere to Federal and County Tax Regulations that apply to International Individuals that own Short/Long Term U.S. rental properties; actively performing the following services:


  • Client Consultation              

                          Annual Tax Return Filing Requirement

                          FIRPTA Tax Requirements

                          Bookkeeping Tactics

                          Strategic Financial Planning    

                          Tax Audit Planning

  • Preparation and submission of of the following Tax forms:

                         1040NR - U.S. Income Tax Returns

                  W-7 - ITIN Application

                  8288-B - FIRPTA Application

                  Tourist and Development Tax Returns

                  Business Receipt Application

                  Tangible Tax Returns


  • Correspond with the relevant Tax Agency on behalf of our clients (When provided with a client's executed POA (Power of Attorney) 








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